Angles Art & Framing for your Home and Business

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Celtics Jerseys

Shadowbox baseball for Felipe Lopez

David's fantasy football collection


Anthonys Pizza (Casselberry Commons)

Sports Art


Veteran patch collection


Antique teacups


Mementos from an American hero


Framed map for placing pins


Antique Swords


Antique Swords


Graduation collage


Naval Officer Sword -Case

The case can be opened for easy removal

Specialty mat cuts


Specialty mat and frame cuts


Antique ice fishing tackle

FSU Event Program


Go Gators!

One of a kind trinket box made from frame mouldings and a lamp finial!

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Delicate Wood Carvings ... before


  ...and after


Happy Fathers Day ,  Go Suns !!

Antique Knives and Swords framed Contemporary Style for Baldwin Park Home

Magnetic Catch used to Keep Top Frame Closed While Hanging


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